Java Update Virus

Java Update Virus has been doing the rounds of the internet through a malware campaign posing as Java Update 11. The file is coming from an unknown publisher, which is something of a dead giveaway because a legitimate Java update would almost certainly have Oracle listed as its publisher. The fake update is called javaupdate11.jar and contained two malicious executables, up1.exe and up2.exe. After execution, the files are connecting to a remote server that takes control of the infected systems. The update is reportedly using ‘{BLOCKED}’ to host the malicious update.

UPDATE : January 2014 - Please update to the Latest Java update 

The Java Update Virus could go ahead and install malicious objects into the computers registry, leading to pop-ups warning you of viruses, using your computer as a botnet, and also theft of credit card and other personal information, possibly leading to identity theft.

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If you have gone ahead and unknowingly become a victim of this malicious attempt to sabotage the security of your computer then we advise the following the steps in the link below to secure your computer immediately.

How to Install Java on PC

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